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France is a number one destination for fashion and luxury goods, cosmetics and makeup products shopping. You can find various consumer goods sold at the French stores at attractive prices. Shoppers around the world would be happy to enjoy original French quality and competitive price offerings, however, most French online stores don’t ship internationally or outside the EU. What complicates things even more for non-French users is that many store websites are in the French language.

If you are looking for a French international package forwarding service, then you have come to the right place! Parcl is an innovative online platform where people who need help with international shipping from French stores can find French package forwarding agents (forwarders) who are ready to assist with online shopping and shipping from France. With the Parcl service, every shop in France ships worldwide!

How to ship internationally from any French store for less

Get a free Japanese shipping address for shopping


Get a free address for shopping in France

To shop at a French online store you will need a shipping address in France and a trusted and reliable person who would receive, carefully handle and ship your package to you. At Parcl you can find a French resident to offer you their secure address in France. Having a French delivery address allows you to buy from any online shop in French. Just purchase items using your forwarder’s address as your shipping address at checkout. If you are not sure how to shop in France, you may ask your forwarder to help you purchase the items you need.


Have packages forwarded from Japan to your country


Have packages forwarded from France to your country

Your personal bilingual shipping forwarder will receive, carefully process and ship your buys from France to your location. Parcl forwarders use only experienced international shipping companies such as Colissimo, La Poste, DHL, Chronopost and specify shipping costs upfront based on the carrier's actual shipping rates.

Besides parcel forwarding from France, you may ask your forwarder to take photos of your buys, put items from multiple shops into one big box to help you save on overseas delivery, add extra packaging, insure your shipment, adjust Customs value to avoid additional fees, etc. Customized services will help you save some money, control your shipment and solve very rare but possible issues with carriers. You may find out more about additional services in the FAQ section.


Get personal shopping help (shopping concierge service)


Get personal shopping help (shopping concierge service)

There are many high-quality and exclusive products that can be found only in France, but purchasing these products can be challenging for someone who doesn’t speak the language. If you don’t speak French, you may consider asking your personal French-speaking forwarder to help you place an order at an online store for you. It works very simple: all you need to do is order the ‘Purchase assistance’ service and pay for the products, so that your forwarder could buy your items for you. This service is also useful in case the online shop doesn’t accept your payment method.


No payment or other commitment required

Why use Parcl for shopping in France

Here at Parcl we do our best to make your international shopping safe and hassle-free. At Parcl you can:

  • request international package shipping from any French store (, Camaieu, Naf Naf, Rosy, Claudie Pierlot and many other French stores),
  • order as many items as you want from one or multiple shops or let your personal package forwarder place orders and communicate with stores for you,
  • pay upfront using PayPal - forwarders will never ‘surprize’ you with unexpectedly high shipping costs after receiving your package from the store,
  • save up to 60% on international delivery with ‘Package consolidation’ and ‘Customs value modification’ services,
  • enjoy a simple and secure worldwide delivery process!

No payment or other commitment required

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